Altec Lansing BABY BOOM Boost Your Sound

Altec Lansing BABY BOOM: Boost Your Sound!

Do you love to listen to music through a loud speaker? Do you want to bring it everywhere you want? Now Altec Lansing introduces you “Baby Boom”, an exclusive compact sound portable. Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom allows you to listen to a loud music through a speaker everywhere you go without any bothering cables. Not only ease you to include it in each activities you do, it also has stunning specification as you starte to use it.

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Key features include in Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom speaker are IP67 waterproof, shockproof, snowproof (it floats), on-board mircophone, and true wireless pairing. You should know that every altec lansing’s speaker which is attached by IP67 is always waterproof. It means that you can use this speker even if you are in the water or in the raining season. Don’t affraid about its large or width since it is a small thing; could be smaller than your hand!, then, what about the sound? As it has a small body, does not mean that the sound is also not loud, yet it is so loud and clear. Since it has a small body, you can easily keep it in your pocket to not being scattered a part until it losts. Besides, the Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom has on-board microphone whish eases your task as well. You might have a work realted to music which asks you to have speaker and microphone, the altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom is the prefect choice. Meanwhile, the wireless pairing allows you to connect your mobile device containing yoyr favourite musics to the Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom without any bothering cables. This smart speaker covers high specifications: waterproof rating IP67, wireless range 33 feet, long battery life, and some accessories. The waterproof rating IP67 allows Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom to have ability playing sound in the water. Its wireless range which is up to 33 feets makes it able to connect with your mobile device in approximately far enough way. The Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom has numerous variants of color as well. It takes blue, grey, and black color. These variants will not make you get bored of the original style of color. Pick one of them and feel its different tan other regular speaker out there!

As the Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom has high specification in terms of handy speaker, it got numerous reviews from its customers. Most of the customers gave 5 stars after using this kind of amazing speaker. The customers are astisfied with the quality of Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom. One of them said that the Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom is an excellent product and he recommend this speaker as well. Another satisfied customer said that the Altec Lansing IMW269 Baby Boom has great sound with a minimum size (4 ¼ x 2 ¼ x 1)and it can be kept in his pocket as well. To get this sophisticated speaker, you only need to purchase at $40 in website

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