Altec Lansing, From Past to Present

Altec Lansing: From Past to Present

Founded in 1927, Altec Lansing has grown-up as one of the stunning audio electronic brands in America with more than six hundreds employees. Its official office exactly takes place in 1407 Broadway, New York City, United States. Under Ike S. FrancoÆs leadership, Altec Landing attract peopleÆs attention by producing and offering sophisticated loudspeakers and associated audio electronic, especially for automotive, home, professional, and multimedia application. Like any other companies, altec lansing company need certain period of time, some extremelly hard effort, and steps in order to grow up become one of the stunning company like nowadays. Since 1927, altec lansing company has started its business by providing the best audio electronic. The success of altec lansing can’t be separated from numerous progress they have done. Then, in this article, we share you about the journey of altec lansing in building audio electronic from the past until present accomplished with its timeline.

The altec lansing company was began in 1920 (it was called the sound of my history) when motion picture was introduced with the release of its first ‘talkie’. At that time, engineers at Western electric developed the technology. Those engineers, then, form altec lansing from a basic step. In order to build a company, altec service corporation, then, purchased lansing manufacturing company which was led by James B. Lansing. Having done this effort, then these engineers were able to build Altec Lansing corporation on 1st May, 1941. In 1973, in the era of Altec Lansing corporation legacy, the official speaker system of Woodstock did more steps in expanding Altec Lansing corporation product in studios; one of them was Abbey Road and other brands combination. Furthermore, Altec Lansing corporation becomes the official speaker of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Besides, in the era of 1990-2010 (the sound of my innovation) Altec Lansing corporation surprisingly acquired the home audio market. Then, its engineers collaborate with IBM and Apple to create the principal docks and computers for iPods and Iphones. Altec Lansing corporation, then, lauched its first surround system for computer working with Dolby Pro Logic Technology accomplished by the first THX certified system. Furtermore nowadays, Altec Lansing corporation begins special collaboration with Nick Jonas to steer new and innovative audio products for the advance generation of music fans.

Those are some steps accomplished by the Altec Lansing corporation in order to be one of the biggest audio electronic companies nowadays with millions of customers trghout the world. Their success can’t be separated from their hardwork and commitment in building the company, especially in producing every single of product they offer in the website. One of the reasons why the company is still running until now is that its innovation is always exist in every single products exposed in the website. Of all the variants, the colors, and the innovations made by Altec Lansing will make people, especially, their customer to love it. the attention they get from its sudience make them become a big manufacturer of audio electronic worldwide.

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